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Draught Excluder - Red & Cream Reindeer

Draught Excluder – Red & Cream Reindeer was £12.50 now £10.00
Nordic cool for a cosy Christmas
Cold weekends, old doors, and moaning relatives – there are so many reasons you’ll need a draught excluder this winter. Ours sold out last year – so we’ve designed a new one featuring romping red reindeer.

Why we love it
Staying warm and cosy is our favourite winter pastime. We’re warming milk on the stove, tucking excluders beneath doorways, and pulling out the hot-water bottles in readiness for fresh snowfall…

Why choose the Nordic draught excluder?
Time for an apology. Last year we ran out of our lovely draught excluders – you were writing to us requesting more – so we’re stocking up this season. The 2013 model has a charming Scandinavian reindeer print in classic red and white, in pure knitted cotton. It’s stuffed with heavy polyester and can even be machine washed. See, we do listen to your requests! More for next year please…

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