Sleep better

Sleeping well at night is essential if you’re to be fit and healthy and relaxed
and happy
How to sleep better
Once you’ve got a new bed, that on its own might not be enough to help you get
a good nights sleep each and every night.
We’ve put together this list of things we think might help

• Room temperature
If the room is too hot or too cold then you’ll have trouble getting off to sleep
or staying asleep.
Some people sleep better with the window open, some don’t.
• Covers – have you got enough covers or too many. Is your duvet too heavy?
Do you just need a sheet?
• Caffiene – that stuff that’s in cola, coffee and tea. Too much will keep
you awake. Try cutting down, especially in the evenings.
• Food – don’t stuff yourself before you go to bed. Don’t go to bed starving
either! See what works for your body.
A glass of warm milk is an old style remedy for getting off to sleep. If you’re
peckish try a little porridge.
• Try using the alarm clock to play music to you as you get to sleep. Some
people find this relaxing. Lots of alarm clocks have settings which allow you
to do this. Read the manual.
• Get things ready for the next day. Sort the bedroom out so you’re not
stumbling round in the morning. The knowledge that you’ve helped yourself in the
morning will help you get off to sleep better.
• Can’t sleep for worrying? Get a pen and paper and write a big list of
everything on your mind. Just writing it down will help and you’ll have a list
of things to do the next day.
• Go to bed earlier.
It’s amazing what an extra 20 minutes in bed can do for you.
• Have a glass of water next to the bed if you find you need a drink during
the night. Saves you having to go to the kitchen at 3am.
• Don’t drink too much alcohol.
It’s bad for you and will interfere with your sleep.
• Have a routine. Stick to it. Fixed bedtimes help you. Try it if you don’t
believe it.
Whether you read a book or watch 10 minutes of TV or radio or just get straight
head down on the pillow stick to the pattern. You could try a crossword or sudoku
- whatever works for you.
• Don’t nap during the day as it might stop you being tired at night.
• Get some exercise during the day. But not too near bedtime.
• Make the room darker. Suggestion for night workers to use blackout blinds.
Also eliminate all excess lights from your room, those LEDs and standby lights
aren’t needed.
Last resort – Try eye masks.
• Too much noise? Try Ear plugs
• Warm baths or showers before bed can be part of your relaxing routine.
Try lavender oils and other essential oils good for relaxation.
• Reduce your stress levels in the rest of your life.
• Try visualisation to get yourself to a nice place.
• Keep a sleep diary – record how well you slept and what routine you had,
how much sleep you had and how you feel, what you ate, etc – you might notice
what’s keeping you awake!