Getting rid of your old bed

Getting rid of your old bed and mattress
You’ll find that few stores offer to take away your old mattress or bed base.
So what options are available to you?
You can contact your local council and ask them what service they offer for removing
bulk household items.
Don’t burn the mattress. It’ll be a horrid fire and there are often regulations
about burning waste in your garden.
Most councils offer a collection service free of charge for household items. You
can look this up on their website or ring them up and ask them.
Most won’t collect furniture from inside your home so you’ll have to get it outside.
Mattresses can be very heavy so play safe and get some help rather than pull a
muscle trying on your own.
If your bed frame of base is in good condition then you could try freecycle –
these are local groups where you can offer out your old junk and people will take
it! Or you can try gumtree where you can ask for money for it!

You’ll be amazed at what gets offered on freecycle and you culd easily get hundreds
of offers for your old junk!
If you’ve got transport you could also try taking the mattress and base to the
If the bed isn’t in too bad condition you could also consider keeping it as a
guest bed – but remember if the bed was old you might be better investing in a
new guest bed too.

In summary – the way to get rid of an old bed
ask the council
offer it on freecycle
sell it on gumtree
take it the tip