Price reductions at Memoryfoam Warehouse

Memoryfoam Warehouse reduced the price on this item today

Super King Size Ergopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Super King Size Ergopedic Memory Foam Mattress was £899.99 now £849.99
  Using the latest pressure mapping technology, the Super King Size Ergopedic Memory Foam Mattress has been designed with a zoned sleeping surface ensuring even body weight distribution and correct spine alignment as you sleep. The open cell foam is highly adaptable vastly reducing pressure point stresses and optimising blood circulation. The Ergopedic features a layer of breathable, pressure relieving foam preventing overheating and moisture build-up as you sleep resulting in a comfortable, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Beneath this layer of pressure relieving memory foam, the base of engineered medically inspired foam cylinders provide enhanced airflow and 7 individual comfort zones for different areas of your body. This provides optimum pressure relief where it’s needed, for example the heavier parts of the body. The mattress is finished with a quilted Adaptive Purotex mattress cover which works to combat common night time allergies and bacteria that can flourish during the night. The Adaptive technology works to keep you cool at night. The more heat, the more drying and cooling, reducing humidity and providing a cooling effect. The Ergopedic is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic preventing dust mites and creating a fresh and healthy sleeping environment.

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