New products at Soak and Sleep

New products at Soak and Sleep

Hypnos Latex Pillow - Low Profile

Hypnos Latex Pillow – Low Profile £55.00
Latex is a great natural alternative to memory foamHigh and low-profile options Superb support that always bounces back into shapeStay-cool dimpled cotton coverHeard the latest in latex?Ever thought you’d use a latex pillow? It’s actually a surprisingly brilliant idea. Created by our friends at Hypnos, this Latex pillow is supportive, breathable, and built for comfortHow does it feel?If you demand a thoroughly supportive and natural pillow, consider latex. This pillow contains talalay latex, a natural material that’s also breathable, providing cool comfort however you sleep. It’s super-supportive and instantly takes on the shape of your head. When you move at night the pillow responds, dynamically reshaping itself to distribute pressure and prevent painful aches. Perfect for increasing your comfort at night, especially for allergy sufferer. The risen dots on the cotton cover increase the surface area to help moisture to evaporate, which means this pillow stays a lot cooler than a memory foam or even another latex one.Our Hypnos latex pillows come in two depths: the firm, high-profile pillow is ideal for side sleepers; if you sleep on your back and prefer a slightly softer, flatter pillow, choose the low-profile version.Why We Love ItLatex produces a simply fabulous pillow – it’s breathable, resilient but not hard, and hypoallergenic. We love the sense of weightlessness and floating support that a Latex pillow provides.Why choose a Hypnos Latex pillow?Hypnos is a world-renowned bedmaker that’s known for extreme attention to detail and wonderful materials. This pillow’s no exception, crafted from breathable and supportive talalay latex – details like the dimpled surface and cotton cover help to keep it cool and comfortable, and you can barely feel this pillow, its like sleeping on a cloud!

Luxury Double Picot Stitch Bed Linen Set - Single -  White (Duvet Cover + Standard Pillowcase)

Luxury Double Picot Stitch Bed Linen Set – Single – White (Duvet Cover + Standard Pillowcase) £42.90
Why choose our Luxury Double Picot Stitch Bed Linen?Luxurious 300 thread count cotton percale makes a smartly made bedYou’ll love the classic picot detailAn elegant style that looks great with everythingIf you appreciate detail and finesse…… then you’ll fall in love with this smart new bed linen. In beautiful cotton percale with a chic picot edge. Style it with simple cotton sheets and perhaps a luxury silk bedspread if you’re feeling the mood!Why we love itOur Luxury Double Picot Stitch bed linen is set to become a new classic at Soak&Sleep. We wanted something that wasn’t too fussy, too fashionable, or too fickle. Here’s the result – a stylish picot design on absolutely gorgeous cotton percale. In pure white, it’s perfect for perfectionists!How does it feel?The Luxury Double Picot Stitch set is made from 300 thread count cotton percale – a crisper choice than our house sateen – that washes, irons, and folds beautifully. Ideal for proud home-owners and boutique hotels alike. (Incidentally – if you do like your sheets with a softer hand then try our Jacquard Dot or Pique sateen bed linens!)Our rulesDay after day, our team is busy researching new products – with a keen eye on quality. We picked this style from one of our favourite suppliers, based in India, whose embroidery is immaculate. We specified 300 thread count cotton, because it really makes a difference to the way this bed linen folds and feels. If you care about the fine details then you’ll notice these things too

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