New products at Soak and Sleep

New product at Soak and Sleep

New Classic Supersoft Cotton Hand Towel White

New Classic Supersoft Cotton Hand Towel White £3.00
Is there some sort of mistake here? Can we get a buyer to check the spec on these Classic towels, please? We just aren’t sure about selling these lovelies at that price…Why we love themWell, it’s all been vetted and there’s no mistake here – our purse-friendly Classic Towels really do weigh in at 450gsm. If they had a fight with a high-street version, we know which one to put money on. They’re supersoft cotton with a lightweight texture and incredible absorbency. Perfect for students, guests, families, and – well, anyone really.How do they feel?Supersoft and super absorbent. Our Classics are perfectly tuned to fit in with your lifestyle – comfy and cuddly, quick-drying, and not too expensive. Get a big stack!Towels: our rules100% cotton, 100% luxury. Every single towel across our range will wipe the floor with those flimsy high-street versions. We manufacture and exclusively sell our own bathroom linens, so you can be assured of top quality. Our 365 day guarantee gives you utmost peace of mind.Why choose the Classic towel?It’s our budget-friendly option that meets all our criteria. We don’t cut corners to save money; you shouldn’t either. Our Classic towels are thoroughly decent, with credentials that qualify them for all the best department stores. But at our prices, you’ll pay less.

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