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Ultimate Cashmere Duvet - Double - 13.5 Tog

Ultimate Cashmere Duvet – Double – 13.5 Tog £196.00
Fall head over heels in cashmere…Forget about lambswool and kiss goodbye to merino. Meet your new cashmere duvet – it’s much, much more than a one-night stand….Why we love itCuddlesome cashmere is soft, squidgy and dangerously irresistible. Tuck yourself up under the Ultimate Cashmere Duvet for the ultimate in natural experiences. Our top-end natural duvet is unbelievably gorgeous and incredibly huggable.How does it feel?There are lots of benefits to natural fibres, mainly being that they’re more in-sync with your body. A natural fibre will allow air through it, absorb moisture, and respond to the temperature of the body it’s against. That’s why we love to wear natural fibres like cotton, wool and bamboo. If you don’t like feather and down, then the Ultimate Cashmere is a natural alternative – with a different sensation altogether. The cashmere content (60%, with 40% wool) provides a comfortably squashy and thick duvet. It’s constructed with baffle boxes (3d boxes that ensure evenness) then finished in 100% cotton satin and satin piping. The Oeko-Tex label tells you that it’s completely free from harmful chemicals.Our rulesYou can be sure you’re getting the best in every department. Here that means top-notch cashmere (sourced from well-kept goats in Australia) and an impeccable finish. You won’t find better for less – anywhere in Britain!Why choose our Ultimate Cashmere Duvet?If you want a natural duvet with no feather, we’ve got a few options. You can choose light and lofty silk, warm and cosy wool, or our favourite of all – sumptuous cashmere. All the natural fibres provide good temperature-regulation and breathability, and they’re hypo-allergenic. The Ultimate Cashmere is a perfect blend of fine cashmere fibres and luxury wool, producing a duvet that’s midweight and gloriously body-responsive. We think it’ll give you your comfiest night ever!

Spa Gift Set (Smoke Bathrobe in M/L & Evening Breeze Luxury Candle)

Spa Gift Set (Smoke Bathrobe in M/L & Evening Breeze Luxury Candle) £95.50
Gift Set Contains: 1 x Luxury Bathrobe, 1 x Relax Body Oil, 1 x Relax Body Cream, 1 x Revive Hand & Body Wash, 1 x Revive Hand & Body Lotion, 1 Large Linen Wash BagPamper her this Mother’s Day with a Soak&Sleep Spa Gift Set, which includes one of our irresistible Luxury Bathrobes. Available in three colours, our Luxury Bathrobes are made up in our favourite snuggly 360GSM Egyptian cotton, perfect for post-Mother’s Day Sunday Lunch.Filled with splashes of mandarin and ginger, our new Relax Bath Oil and Relax Body Cream are great at hydrating your skin, leaving it supple, whilst keeping a calm mind – use together for beautifully soft, moisturised skin. Whilst our magically uplighting Revive Hand & Body Wash, and Revive Hand & Body Lotion have been developed with natural, simple formulations, to bring a perky kick to your bathroom routine.We’ve also thrown in one of our Large Linen Washbags, featuring a floral feminine print made from our very own 100% Pure French Linen.The Relax&Revive Gift Set comes packed in one of our new Gift Boxes, which are sophisticated, sleek, and saves all that fiddley wrapping!Sure to be a wonderfully practical and very pretty present. You are welcome.

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