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Haslemere Bed Frame - Single

Haslemere Bed Frame – Single £480.00
Solid American poplarClean, contemporary designOur great-value furniture rangeFinished in Oak Veneer OH, we love to save you money.  Haslemere is our top-value choice, but nevertheless crafted from solid American poplar – sustainably sourced, and topped with a light and lovely oak veneer. Why we love it:Calming, light oak is the perfect finish for this elegant bed.  With curved head and footboards, it’s beautifully designed for simplicity.   Easy to assemble and durable thanks to the veneer, it’s a dreamy choice for any bedroom, especially if you’re after that serene, contemporary hotel look. Why choose our Haslemere furniture collection?It’s made from solid, sustainably sourced wood, expertly designed, and built to last.  So where did we cut corners?  We didn’t.  Our idea of value doesn’t involve fobbing you off with substandard stuff.  Instead, we identified our essential criteria and built a collection that’s durable and stylish. Furniture details:The Haslemere bed is made from solid American poplar wood, with slats made from MDF.  It’s finished in Natural Oak veneer and lacquered.  It’s self-assembly, but we’ve tested the instructions and method to ensure it’s relatively simple! Suitable for use with our Soak&Sleep or Hypnos mattresses. 

Luxury Bath Mat - White

Luxury Bath Mat – White £6.40
Luxury towels that stay plump for ages.We’re bringing squishy back! Our Luxury towels are longstanding favourites at Soak&Sleep. It seems you just can’t get enough of these thick, luscious towels. Why we love itCheck the weight on your current towels! Our Luxuries weigh in at a fabulous 600gsm. How does it make you feel?With 120 fine, silky fibres in every cotton loop, our Luxury towels are outstandingly thick and plush. They absorb water up to 250% faster than your average high-street towel. Towels: our rules100% cotton, 100% luxury. Every single towel across our range will wipe the floor with those flimsy high-street versions. We manufacture and exclusively sell our own bathroom linens, so you can be assured of top quality. Our 365 day guarantee gives you utmost peace of mind.Why choose luxury 600gsm towels? A thick, fluffy towel is one of life’s greatest luxuries. But, after the shop-freshness fades, how many towels stay thick and fluffy for years? Put away all those pilling, thinning, fading towels and replace them with a big, inviting pile of Luxury 600gsm towels. You’ll never regret it!Our testers have commented that these towels stay thick and light even after washing – with no pilling and no lint in the basket. Hold up a Luxury 600gsm towel alongside another towel of the same weight, and you’ll see it’s up to 133% thicker in volume.

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