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Limited Edition Moskus - Arctic AS Duvet - Superking

Limited Edition Moskus – Arctic AS Duvet – Superking £580.00
An alternative to Eiderdown, renowned for its warmthGenuine Moskus down – Exclusive to Soak&SleepA super-warm duvet with our luxury finishWhy we love itIn our constant quest for amazing bedding, we’re delighted to introduce a wonderful discovery – Moskus down. Supremely warm and incredibly light, it makes a gorgeous down duvet that’s only available at Soak&Sleep. It’s always a thrill to get the best for less, so if you’re looking at Eider down but want to spend a fraction of the price, we recommend Moskus.How does it feel?Moskus down comes from cold climates, where the long, freezing winters produce lean, downy Moskovy ducks. Their down is a lot like Eider down: when washed, the fibres crimp to provide the most amazing insulation. We’ve used this fabulous down to create a duvet that’s a veritable powerhouse of insulation – maintaining your body temperature when it’s really cold outside.Each duvet is filled with 90% lofty and light Moskus down, and finished off with a 100%, 233 TC cotton case. It features box construction, which means the duvet is made up of 3D ‘boxes’ that keep the down and feather evenly distributed.Why buy our Luxury Moskus Duck Down Duvet?It’s top of the duck downs, because the Moskovy is lean and large like a goose (and premium goose down, like Canadian, is the next step up). This is our best recommendation if your bedroom is cold, or you’re anticipating a chilly winter. It’s great for airy bedrooms and cold sleepers! You’re getting all the warmth of Moskus down, a great price, and the signature Soak&Sleep finish.

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