New products at Soak and Sleep

New products today at Soak and Sleep

Supreme Canadian Goose Down Topper - Emperor

Supreme Canadian Goose Down Topper – Emperor £490.00
Our tip-top topper…Frankly, we’re worried these incredible mattress toppers could start a riot. So we’ll only let you buy one if you promise to get out of bed now and again! Packed with world-renowned Hutterite goose down, a Supreme Canadian Topper will transform your bed – or the floor – and might even make Monday mornings beautiful!Why we love itHutterite goose down is lovingly produced in small communities in Alberta, Canada. Mature geese provide awesome down that’s made up of bigger, airier clusters. That makes your mattress topper thick, puffy and blissfully warm!How does it make you feel?This is a really light, lofty topper – it’s nice and thick to suit every mattress. The innovative dual layer construction combines support with softness. Underneath, a chamber of 100% Hutterite goose feather supplies firmer support while the top layer cushions you in a cloud of down. Feather and down toppers: our rulesThere are some things that we just won’t compromise on – not now, not ever. Attention to detail is our trademark. The feather & down is hygienically treated before being covered in a 100% cotton case. These naturally breathable fillings are certified by Zeromite (the dust mite experts!). Finally every topper arrives with a 10-year guarantee for absolute peace of mind. Why choose the Supreme Canadian Topper?If you’re looking for the best then we think Canadian Hutterite Down is it! We pride ourselves on careful selection and manufacture, and our Supreme Canadian Toppers are stuffed with gorgeous down from small communities. We are the very first British associate members of the Down Association of Canada, which aims to monitor the industry and supports quality standards. In other words, we care about this stuff, and we think it shows.

Luxury Pure Wool Duvet  - Superking - All Season

Luxury Pure Wool Duvet – Superking – All Season £167.00
Sleeping under wool gives up to 25% more REM – give it a try.Wool is proven to give you a better night, with up to 25% more REM sleep. What do you think? Take home a wool duvet and give it the dream test.Why we love itScientists say it, so it MUST be true: sleeping under wool is said to offer up to 25% more REM sleep! 100% Michell wool in a 233TC casingHow does it make you feel?Pure Wool produces a duvet that feels substantial but luxuriously in harmony with your body. Breathable and absorbent, it has the mark of an excellent duvet. It’s great all year around, and it’s hypo-allergenic, washable and has a luxurious weight to it.Natural duvets: our rulesWe set the highest standards for our natural duvets. Attention to detail is our trademark – and it shows. You get a duvet that has been beautifully finished, with cassette construction and baffle walls (13.5TOG). The natural fillings are breathable, absorbent, and naturally temperature regulating.Besides being guaranteed for 5 years, our natural duvets also pass the price test. Because whether you’re spending a pound or a hundred, you want to know you’re getting exceptional value. Our Price Promise assures you of this – by cutting overheads and delivering direct, we make sure we’re never overpriced.Why choose the pure wool duvet?What’s the big deal about natural wool? Well – it’s naturally absorbent, drawing away your body moisture more effectively than other natural fillings. It’s exceptionally good at dispersing that moisture into the atmosphere. Wool is also a natural temperature-regulator, enabling your body to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. While insulating your body, it provides breathability so that air circulates happily around you at night.To make our wool duvets, we turned to a world-renowned supplier from Australia. Michell wool is subjected to the industry’s most rigorous testing. It’s tested for colour, fibre size, pH, evenness and washability – to name just five. Besides being naturally sustainable, wool can be washed in a machine at a low temperature, so it’s a practical and earth-friendly choice.Each wool duvet is made to our specification. After the wool is generously stuffed in (at a weight of 600gsm), the duvet is finished with a covering of 280 thread count cotton sateen, and diamond-stitched to ensure it remains evenly distributed. Every Pure wool duvet arrives with a five-year guarantee . Something to note..The All Seasons set comprises a Summer warmth and a Spring/Autumn warmth duvet that can be snapped together to create a Winter warmth duvet.

Duck Feather & Down Duvet - King - 13.5 Tog

Duck Feather & Down Duvet – King – 13.5 Tog £54.00
Natural feather and down in a 100% cotton case – our budget duvet is far from ordinary.Want to wrap up in a big, cuddly loaf of a duvet? Duck Feather & Down is the one.Why we love itDuck feather produces a gorgeously thick and cuddly duvet.15% Down, 233TC casingHow does it make you feel?Duck Feather & Down is 30% heavier than Hungarian White Goose Down, so it’s ideal for anyone looking for a thicker, cuddlier duvet. If you get cold toes at night, this is the one for you! Psst – if you sleep alongside a wriggler, upsize your duvet to make sure you don’t get uncovered!Feather & down duvets: our rulesThere are some things that we just won’t compromise on – not now, not ever. Attention to detail is our trademark. The feather & down is hygienically treated before being covered in a 100% cotton case, then box stitched, which ensures that the filling remains evenly spread. These naturally breathable duvets are certified by Zeromite (the dust mite experts!). Finally every duvet is double-stitched and piped around the outer edges. You can buy with absolute peace of mind – covered by our generous and friendly 365 day returns policy. Find a similar* duvet for less, and we’ll even refund you the difference! *T&Cs apply, of course. See our Price Promise. Why choose the duck feather & down duvet?Here’s a great-value duvet that doesn’t make any compromise, reaching a standard that many would still label ‘luxury’. It also happens to be perfect if you’re on a tight budget, replacing the guest room duvet, or kitting out the whole family.It’s made with precision and care. Naturally hypoallergenic feather (85%) and down (15%) are steam-cleaned and sterilised before being packed tightly into a 100% cotton casing. The result? A substantial duvet that’s absorbent, breathable and natural. Buy one, and soon everyone will be clamouring for another!Were so confident in the quality that we have put a 15 year guarantee on it! Thats right.FIFTEEN!A note about choosing TOG weight…The TOG indicates how much body heat will be retained by the duvet, depending how cosy you want to be. 4.5 TOG is a lighter duvet for summer, 9 TOG is a midweight option and 13.5 TOG is perfect for winter nights. The All Seasons set comprises a 4.5 TOG and 9 TOG duvet that can be snapped together to create a 13.5TOG.

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