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Breathable Hollowfibre with Tencel - Single - 9 Tog

Breathable Hollowfibre with Tencel – Single – 9 Tog £54.00
The next generation in synthetic duvets. It’s a stroke of genius! We’ve filled this duvet with a mixture of hollowfibre and Tencel (made from wood pulp) to create a breathable, anti-bacterial, synthetic duvet. Why we love itOkay, so it isn’t an obvious choice for a duvet. But Tencel is made from sustainable wood pulp, which renders it strong, bouncy, and… drum roll please… breathable. It’s a super-exciting discovery… duvet geeks, high-five! How does it feel?The combination of Tencel plus hollowfibre produces a springy, soft, and squishy duvet. But the breathability is what makes such a huge difference. Your duvet feels fresher and airier, with all the smoothness and tactility of a natural version. Moisture is sucked into the fibres, preventing bacteria from forming on them, and of course the whole thing’s machine washable – ready to be restored to its original glory any time you feel like it. For those that want the benefit of a natural duvet but with the airy feeling of synthetic – this one’s for you.Our rules We take great care choosing new duvet ranges, and this one’s special. Tencel is produced using an innovative solvent spinning process – a major development in cellulose fibre technology. It’s been granted the European Award for the Environment from the EU, as well as 100 international patents. Why choose our Luxury Breathable Tencel Duvet? For us, a duvet has to be snuggly, soft and delightful – whatever its scientific benefits. This one’s a breathable, synthetic, hypoallergenic option that’s also wonderfully comfy. You won’t be disappointed, we promise.

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