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Supreme Canadian Goose Down Duvet - Emperor- 9 Tog

Supreme Canadian Goose Down Duvet – Emperor- 9 Tog £405.00
The world’s finest duvet (so far)! Light and luscious, this sensational new duvet is every sleep-lover’s must-have. Just one night beneath this silver-gilded cloud and you’ll know that you never spent your money better. Why we love itIts got wow factor! Gigantic clusters of down give this duvet its super-puff. 90% Down, 310TC casingHow does it make you feel? Our top-of-the-range duvet is sheer joy. It’s supremely light and lofty, literally floating down over your bed as you make it. It’s perfect for people who prefer a light covering. But don’t mistake ‘light’ for ‘cool’ because the natural filling retains heat beautifully, maintaining a happy temperature whatever the season. Feather & down duvets: our rulesThere are some things that we just won’t compromise on – not now, not ever. Attention to detail is our trademark. The feather & down is hygienically treated before being covered in a 100% cotton case, then box stitched, which ensures that the filling remains evenly spread. Finally every duvet is double-stitched and piped around the outer edges. You can buy with absolute peace of mind – covered by our generous and friendly 365 day returns policy. Find a similar* duvet for less, and we’ll even refund you the difference! *T&Cs apply, of course. See our Price Promise. Why choose the supreme Canadian goose down duvet? The secret’s out. To make these luxury duvets, we procured some Canadian Hutterite Goose Down – probably the world’s scarcest and finest goose down. It comes from small Hutterite communities in western Canada, where traditional farming standards are preserved. These conditions, combined with the cold climate, result in goose down that’s finer and lighter than usual. The light, fluffy down traps lots of air, which means that less is required to maintain body temperature. And that’s the important part, because less down means lighter duvets. The Hutterite goose down stuffed into duvets that are manufactured to our precise specifications. The Soak&Sleep Canadian Goose Down duvet is exclusively ours, and absolutely genuine, so accept no imitations. This is a decadent buy, but a truly worthwhile one. When you try out this duvet on your bed, you’ll be delighted that it’s guaranteed for another 15 years. A wise investment indeed. A note about choosing TOG weight… The TOG indicates how much body heat will be retained by the duvet, depending how cosy you want to be. 4.5 TOG is a lighter duvet for summer, 9 TOG is a midweight option and 13.5 TOG is perfect for winter nights. The All Seasons set comprises a 4.5 TOG and 9 TOG duvet that can be snapped together to create a 13.5TOG.

Limited Edition Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Pair Medium Firm

Limited Edition Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Pair Medium Firm £85.00
Trust us with the details.For instance, your pillow has been stuffed with down that’s washed with the bare minimum of chemicals – and thermally heated water. It’s made by a family business in Hungary that prefers traditional and natural methods. It’s covered with not one but two layers of down-proof cotton. But don’t just read the fine print. Choose your pillow because it feels great. For the full story on how our Hungarian products are made, click

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