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New items today at Soak and Sleep

Snow White Goose Down Topper - Double

Snow White Goose Down Topper – Double £165.00
Supersize your comfort by slapping one of these onto your mattress. Our Snow White Goose Down Topper is crammed with squishy goose down for a really sumptuous finish.Why we love itThis ones got it all! A firm bed of feathers with a removable down layer – the topper that makes anything comfy. Top layer is 70% down, bottom layer is 100% feather, all in a 233TC casingHow does it make you feel? Slap this baby on the floor, and you could sleep there – and never know. Squishy and thick, this top-notch topper can transform ANY mattress in a jiffy. (It’s especially dreamy if you’re pregnant: try one to vastly improve your night-time comfort.) Natural toppers: our rulesEvery single natural topper that we sell is made by us and exclusively available here. We commission and check everything before sending it out to you – so we can be sure that all our natural toppers are just right. They’re all filled with beautifully cleaned feather or down, stitched in cassette construction – to make sure they stay smooth and even – and finished with a downproof case. Oh, and there’s our 365 day guarantee – in case you had any concerns.Think you can find something better? No way! Our Price Promise assures you of the very best quality at Britain’s best prices.Why choose the Snow White Goose Down topper? We’ve made this goose down topper with two layers: a top layer of fluffy goose down (70%), and a lower layer of supportive goose feather (30%). The result: a topper that you’ll sink into – with secret support!Attention to detail is our trademark. The layers can be separated – just wash the top layer, which saves you time and money – and then buttoned together and attached to the mattress by the stretchy corner straps. The cotton casing is downproof and finished with piping around the edges. And cassette construction (it’s stitched in chambers) ensures that the goose down and feather will stay evenly distributed.You can machine-wash the top layer on this topper, but to prolong its life don’t wash too often – instead, add a mattress protector and wash that more frequently.

Luxury Soft As Down Microfibre Topper Single

Luxury Soft As Down Microfibre Topper Single £35.00
Sinking into this gorgeously squidgy soft topper, you’ll wonder why you ever slept on an ordinary mattress. Our luxury Soft as Down microfibre topper is as soft as top-quality down.Why we love itIf you don’t love feather and down, then here’s the very closest alternative. Ridiculously plush and pillowy, our Soft as Down topper turns your bed into a cloud of loveliness.How does it feel?’Peachskin’ cotton is a fuzzy favourite. We’ve used this to cover our ultrafine microfibre (0.9D) and added silver piping and elastic straps at every corner. The Soft as Down topper measures about 7cm in depth, but there’s no way to calculate how much more comfy it’ll make your bed. The only way is to test one out…Synthetic toppers: our rulesWe’re sticklers for the rulebook. When it comes to synthetic toppers, we’re as demanding as you. First we sought out the very finest microfibre – not all this stuff is the same. Our microfibre toppers are all hypoallergenic with cassette construction, to provide a smooth, even sleeping surface no matter how much you wriggle.Rest assured that each one’s covered by our generous 365 day returns policy – and if you find a similar* topper for less, we’ll refund you the difference! *T&Cs apply.Why choose the Soft as Down topper?It’s our best microfibre yet. We’ve packed it in at a generous depth to create an authentic sense of luxury. Without cutting one open, even we couldn’t tell this topper apart from a goose down one.

Luxury Soft As Down Microfibre Duvet Single 9.0 Tog

Luxury Soft As Down Microfibre Duvet Single 9.0 Tog £29.00
So goose down isn’t your cup of tea. Let us put a smile on your face.Our hypo-allergenic Luxury microfibre is almost totally indistinguishable from our favourite goose down!Why we love itWe’ve developed our microfibre range in pursuit of perfection, and our Luxury Microfibre really is just about as squishy and cosy as quality goose down you’ll love it too!How does it feel?Not only is our 0.9D microfibre filling better than ever, it’s crammed into a super deluxe peachskin case. With a velvety soft finish, it’s also absorbent and breathable. Microfibre is a synthetic alternative to goose down with a light, lofty feel and similar warmth retention to keep you comfortable all night long.Microfibre duvets: our rulesWe set the highest standards for our microfibre duvets. Firstly, we insist on top quality microfibre – not all this stuff is equal, you know. It’s generously stuffed into a case that features cassette construction. Sleep soundly.Besides being guaranteed for five years, our synthetic duvets also pass the price test. Because whether you’re spending a pound or a hundred, you want to know you’re getting exceptional value. Our Price Promise assures you of this – by cutting overheads and delivering direct, we make sure we’re never overpriced.Why choose our Soft As Down Microfibre Duvet?Microfibre is hypo-allergenic so it’s ideal for everyone in the family, and hotels love this stuff too. If your budget is squeezing then try Classic Hollowfibre – a bit cheaper, with a heavier feel.

Ltd Edition Silk Pillow Protectors Pair - Standard

Ltd Edition Silk Pillow Protectors Pair – Standard £25.00
Rest your head on heavenly Mulberry Silk.Who made the protector sexy? We did! This sumptuously soft quilted pillow protector is a silk-clad guard for the midnight hours. It’s exactly what everybody wants to take to bed.Why we love itSilk isn’t a romantic whim, and it’s not just for princesses. It makes perfect sense. Why? These indulgent natural fibres are soft, breathable and temperature-regulating. Ideal for protecting your pillow, helping to keep it smooth, plump, and cool.How does it feel?A casing of 100% pure, unbleached cotton is wrapped around oodles of gorgeous mulberry silk – one of the finest types of silk yarn – and then stitched into a stylish quilted pattern to ensure smoothness. The combination of natural fabrics produces a protector that’s breathable and absorbent, helping to cool you in summer and stay warm in winter. This pillow protector will outdo your expectations. Our rulesWe are choosy about everything, from the source of our materials to the pattern of our quilting (which is particularly nice here). So purchase in peace: you won’t find a better quality silk pillow protector for less anywhere in Britain.Why choose our Ultimate Silk Pillow Protectors?It’s a royally lavish choice that isn’t overindulgent. The fine, soft texture is a real treat, improving your pillow and your quality of sleep.

Duck Feather & Down Box Walled Pillow Standard

Duck Feather & Down Box Walled Pillow Standard £18.00
Please note the firm pillow comes as a singular pillow Duck feather and down for a firm, natural pillow.Duck Feather & Down is our standard pillow – but there’s nothing ordinary about it. For stocking your cupboards or sending the kids off to uni, this is a pretty luxurious choice.Why we love itThis firm pillow option is ideal for side sleepers as it supports the shoulder-to-head space perfectly – if you like your head well propped up then this could also be a great option for back sleepers too but we would not recommend it for front sleepers. 15% Down, 233TC casingHow does it make you feel?It’s a relatively firm natural pillow for people who don’t want to be propped up too high. Supportive on the neck and spine, this is firmer than a Luxury option. It’s rather comfy and suspiciously luxurious… no calls please – we have definitely sent you the right one!Feather & down pillows: our rulesWe’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that our Feather & Down pillows are all at the top of their game. What’s the basic standard? First, the feather & down is hygienically treated, rendering it hypoallergenic, before being covered in a 100% downproof cotton case and elegantly finished with self-piping. Double-stitching ensures that filling is evenly distributed.You can buy with absolute peace of mind – covered by our generous and friendly 365 day returns policy and a one year guarantee . Find a similar* duvet for less, and we’ll even refund you the difference! *T&Cs apply, of course. See our Price Promise. Why choose the Duck Feather & Down pillow?Yes, you could buy a cheaper pillow on the high street. But the difference you’ll see in ours is amazing. Naturally filled and carefully made, Duck Feather & Down is the perfect option if you like a firm pillow or you’re on a budget. The filling is mainly comprised of feather (85%) for bulk and support. A generous handful of soft down (15%) lends the pillow a touch of luxury. Well… our idea of ‘standard’ is a little more luxurious than most people’s. It’s a superbly priced down-and-feather option, with more down giving extra firmness. Perfect if you sleep on your back or in a pair for additional height if you sleep on your side.

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