New products at Soak and Sleep

New items today at Soak and Sleep

Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Double 13.5 Tog

Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Double 13.5 Tog £177.00
Washed in thermal water and little else…Our Hungarian Down comes from a family-owned business in Hungary, where it’s produced to the highest environmental standards – so why does this duvet feel so naughty?!For the full story on how our Hungarian products are made,

Luxury Soft As Down Microfibre Topper King

Luxury Soft As Down Microfibre Topper King £55.00
Sinking into this gorgeously squidgy soft topper, you’ll wonder why you ever slept on an ordinary mattress. Our luxury Soft as Down microfibre topper is as soft as top-quality down.Why we love itIf you don’t love feather and down, then here’s the very closest alternative. Ridiculously plush and pillowy, our Soft as Down topper turns your bed into a cloud of loveliness.How does it feel?’Peachskin’ cotton is a fuzzy favourite. We’ve used this to cover our ultrafine microfibre (0.9D) and added silver piping and elastic straps at every corner. The Soft as Down topper measures about 7cm in depth, but there’s no way to calculate how much more comfy it’ll make your bed. The only way is to test one out…Synthetic toppers: our rulesWe’re sticklers for the rulebook. When it comes to synthetic toppers, we’re as demanding as you. First we sought out the very finest microfibre – not all this stuff is the same. Our microfibre toppers are all hypoallergenic with cassette construction, to provide a smooth, even sleeping surface no matter how much you wriggle.Rest assured that each one’s covered by our generous 365 day returns policy – and if you find a similar* topper for less, we’ll refund you the difference! *T&Cs apply.Why choose the Soft as Down topper?It’s our best microfibre yet. We’ve packed it in at a generous depth to create an authentic sense of luxury. Without cutting one open, even we couldn’t tell this topper apart from a goose down one.

Washable Absorbent Waterproof Mattress Pad Double Size

Washable Absorbent Waterproof Mattress Pad Double Size £25.00
For every oops-a-daisy!Protecting you AND your mattress, our new waterproof mattress pads lock away liquid. Perfect for babies, kids, and anybody who wants to sleep dry.Why we love itBrilliant new technology draws liquid from the surface and keeps it away from your skin at night. So you can get your 12 hours in peace – and wash the mattress pad in the morning.How does it work?A classic waterproof protector simply prevents spills and stains from hitting your mattress. This one is treated with 3M Scotchguard Protector Moisture Management, which enables cotton to dry in half the time. With an upper layer of 200 thread count cotton, the pad swiftly transfers liquid to an inner core of cotton wadding. Beneath, a fully waterproofed layer keeps the mattress totally dry.Why choose the Waterproof Mattress Pad?It’s ideal for children and babies because, rather than simply keeping the liquid on top, it sucks away moisture to provide a dry sleeping surface. Anything that keeps them asleep a bit longer is worth it! We’ve got Cot bed, Single, and Double sizes to suit everyone in the family.

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