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Snow White Goose Down Pillow Pair

Snow White Goose Down Pillow Pair £70.00
Sleep on a snow cloudSnow white goose down gives this pillow its luscious puffy texture. And our price will give you supreme peace of mind.Why we love it With snow white goose down, silver piping and a cotton cover, this pillow is making a bid for the top spot. Being on a budget definitely has a silver lining.80% Down (outer chamber), 240TC cotton caseHow does it make you feel?The Snow White Goose Down Chamber PIllow is a medium-firm pillow, with excellent neck support provided by the central core of feathers. Using 80% down in the outer chamber produces a delightfully light texture that you’ll simply sink into. Our chamber pillowsThe innovative ‘chamber’ construction provides the pillow with internal structure, supporting your neck without feeling overly firm. Each pillow contains a central chamber of 100% feather. The surrounding chamber is stuffed with the range filling – in this case, that’s 80% snow white goose down and 20% goose feather. Feather & down pillows: our rulesWe’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that our Feather & Down pillows are all at the top of their game. What’s the basic standard? First, the feather & down is hygienically treated, rendering it hypoallergenic, before being covered in a 100% downproof cotton case and elegantly finished with self-piping. Double-stitching ensures that filling is evenly distributed.You can buy with absolute peace of mind – covered by our generous and friendly 365 day returns policy and a one year guarantee . Find a similar* duvet for less, and we’ll even refund you the difference! *T&Cs apply, of course. See our Price Promise. Why choose the Snow White Goose Down Chamber Pillow?It’s stuffed with the very best white goose down – less than 0.5% dark down – and finished with all the finesse that made our name. This is an excellent, affordable option that’s a competitive alternative to Hungarian and Canadian Goose Down.

Large Supima Bath Mat - Smoke

Large Supima Bath Mat – Smoke £16.00
The super-luxury bath mat.Ever seen a sexy bath-mat? Well, get ready for a revelation. Supreme Supima is so luxurious, you’ll be serenading it while you shower.Why we love itOur top bath mat is made from gorgeous Supima cotton, with a longer yarn for better durability and a whopping 900GSMHow does it make you feel?Supima cotton bath mats bounce back! Crumple them, stamp on them, soak them, and leave them on the bathroom floor… then throw them in the washing machine (and the dryer if you like). Glorious Supima cotton actually IMPROVES with washing!Bath mats: our rulesPut a smile on your feet. Our bath mats are comfy, absorbent and robust. We manufacture and exclusively sell our own bathroom linens, so you can be assured of top quality. Our 365 day guarantee gives you utmost peace of mind.Why choose Supima bath mats?Supima cotton is a superb yarn with long, fine fibres – it’s sold at many a prestigious department store. Perfect, we thought, to make a bundle of luscious bath-mats. Because your feet deserve as much luxury as your bottom does, right?Step onto a Supima bathmat and relish the soft, durable squidginess. It comes from soft fibres that are longer than cotton, with less tendency to bobble or wear out. Supima is 100% natural and it produces a bathmat that’s softer, silkier, and more colourfast than inferior versions.Available in 2 different sizes: Standard = 58cm x 86cm, Large = 70cm x 120cm

Waterproof Mattress Protector - Single Size

Waterproof Mattress Protector – Single Size £8.50
Non-squeaky Classic Protectors keep your mattress dry.Cosy terry cotton with a non-squeaky, water-resistant lining – a great way to boost protection.Why we love itWorried about damp patches? Try this, our water-resistant protector, to improve night-time hygiene.How does it make you feel?The cosy classic protector is made from comfy terry cotton, with a water-resistant liner to prevent spills from soaking into the mattress. It’s perfect for sticky summer nights and anyone who likes a cup of tea in bed. That would be us, then!Protectors: our rulesAll of our protectors are made to last. Your mattress protector attaches securely to the bed by means of an elasticated skirt around the bed. Every one is covered by our Price Promise – find a better one for less, and we’ll refund the difference. For complete peace of mind, don’t forget we offer a 365 day guarantee .Why choose a Classic Protector?Believe it or not, some retailers still sell noisy, squeaky water-resistant protectors. Fortunately, we came along with our brilliantly quiet version. Our Classic Protectors are made from Poyurethane (PU) – making them virtually soundless to sleep on. Well – you might want protection for your mattress, but you don’t want to be reminded of it every time you turn over at night. On top of the water-resistant PU is a layer of terry towelling (65% polyester, 35% cotton). It’s quite a fine layer, so it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your bedding. The protector has an elasticated skirt that stretches securely over the corners of your mattress.

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