New products at Soak and Sleep

New product today at Soak and Sleep

Ultimate Microfibre Duvet With Silk - Single - 9.0 Tog

Ultimate Microfibre Duvet With Silk – Single – 9.0 Tog £45.00
Super-luxe synthetic duvet with an incredible price tag!WALLOP! That was the sound of our buyer’s jaw when she tested one of these extraordinary duvets. Microfibre gets a first-class upgrade.Why we love itMicrofibre is sensational. Plus 10% silk increases this duvets natural absorbency.90% Microfibre with 10% silk in a 260TC casingHow does it make you feel?This utterly gorgeous synthetic duvet seeks a sensitive soul for peaceful nights and friendly lie-ins. If that’s you then you will love the Ultimate Microfibre duvet. In fact, we’d put our reputation on the line and gamble that ANYONE will love this fabulous duvet. And it sure does love you back! This hypoallergenic luxury duvet is ideal for guest rooms and anyone with skin sensitivities.Microfibre duvets: our rulesWe set the highest standards for our microfibre duvets. Firstly, we insist on top quality microfibre – not all this stuff is equal, you know. It’s generously stuffed into a case that features cassette construction. Sleep soundly.Besides being guaranteed for five years, our synthetic duvets also pass the price test. Because whether you’re spending a pound or a hundred, you want to know you’re getting exceptional value. Our Price Promise assures you of this – by cutting overheads and delivering direct, we make sure we’re never overpriced.Why choose the ultimate microfibre duvet?Love microfibre? You’ll adore this. It’s our microfibre range with a super-luxe makeover: incorporating a touch of pure silk, jacquard case, and gold piping, it’s one of our most beautiful duvets – no question.Adding 10% silk to our top-quality microfibre stuffing helps to increase the duvet’s natural absorbency, improving breathability for a cooler, lighter feel – it’s simply perfect for summer. As always, our microfibre is generously packed, producing that cloudlike effect that we are becoming famous for. The duvet is cased in 100% cotton Jacquard… and we couldn’t resist a final finishing touch: gold piping around the edges. Well, you won’t see it once the duvet cover’s on… but you’ll know it’s there. Watch out, Ultimate Hungarian. The Ultimate Microfibre’s closing in on you…A note about choosing TOG weight…The TOG indicates how much body heat will be retained by the duvet, depending how cosy you want to be. 4.5 TOG is a lighter duvet for summer, 9 TOG is a midweight option and 13.5 TOG is perfect for winter nights. The All Seasons set comprises a 4.5 TOG and 9 TOG duvet that can be snapped together to create a 13.5TOG.

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