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Luxury Orthopaedic 1500 Mattress - Double Size Bed

Luxury Orthopaedic 1500 Mattress – Double Size Bed £270.00
Save a wad on our brilliant Luxury Orthopaedic mattress.

Ready for a new mattress? Celebrate with an early night! Our Luxury Orthopaedic Mattress is better than rubbish telly any night of the week…

Why we love it
Springs plus memory foam provides great support for this firm orthopaedic mattress.

How does it make you feel?
This mattress will improve your life, your housework, and your relationship. The memory foam actually absorbs movement, so quiet sleepers can slumber on while partners wriggle and twist. And for the housekeeper, it’s undemanding. Unlike regular mattresses, this one doesn’t need to be turned, so you can cross that job off the list. Sadly it doesn’t make you a cuppa.

Why choose the Luxury Orthopaedic mattress?
You know what perfectionists we are. The Luxury Orthopaedic Mattress is made with lots of care and thought. Beneath a generous 5cm layer of memory foam is a complex spring system. The springs give body to the mattress while the memory foam moulds to fit your body shape. It’s the perfect combination.

Getting uncomfy at night? This is the mattress you need. Memory foam ensures that whatever your body shape, you’ll get a perfect fit from this mattress. It moulds to the shape of each sleeper, reducing pressure on joints and helping to prevent postural problems. And when you get up, your mattress springs back into place.

P.S. sorry but… Were only able to deliver mattresses to certain UK mainland addresses.
Click on delivery and returns for more information. Please also note that 2-man deliveries (for king-size and super king-size mattresses) can sometimes take longer than our standard 3-5 working day service.

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