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Supreme 1000TC Cotton Bedlinen - Superking Duvet Cover - Cream

Supreme 1000TC Cotton Bedlinen – Superking Duvet Cover – Cream £91.44
Proper, crisp, white sheets – for a perfect bed!

Have you always hankered for a sheet that’s thick enough to fold? Supreme 1000TC is an astonishingly thick sheet – and you’ll either love it or hate it!

Why we love it
Supreme 1000TC offers a soft, snuggly feeling in bed. This silky, stiff sheeting is tricky to wash and iron – but so worth it!

How does it make you feel?
Not for the faint-hearted, this woven cotton is seriously thick. The exceptionally high thread count gives you more cotton per square inch. It looks great on the bed – especially if you like a crisp, folded finish – and feels smooth and substantial when you get in. There’s definitely a cardboard-like starchiness, but this firm texture mellows out with a few washes.

Bed linen: our rules
Every range of bed linen that we make is exclusive to us – and meets our signature standards. That’s why we are happy to guarantee it for 365 days. You’re also covered by our Price Promise , which means if you find better for less – we’ll refund the difference!

Why choose Supreme 1000tc bed linen?
Supreme 1000TC is a real investment – for a superior set of bed linen, we think it’s absolutely worthwhile! It makes a really satisfyingly clean-looking finish on the bed. You’ll need a good iron and a strong arm (or a willing helper) to get it looking pristine. We think that’s part of its charm! As an added benefit, the high thread count produces an extremely durable fabric that won’t bobble after washing.

If the 1000TC sounds a bit serious for you, then why not check out our other ranges:
800TC – Similar characteristics to the 1000TC: still extremely soft to the touch with a heavy thick quality but to a slightly lesser extreme than the 1000TC. Needs a bit of effort to iron as all pure cotton does but it gets easier as you go down in thread count.
600TC – It has a luxurious, almost silky feel with the perfect mix of thickness and softness. Easier to launder as you can get a whole set in a washing machine in one load, although ironing still takes a bit of effort.
400TC – The majority of our patterned bed linen sets are in the 400 TC as it is the perfect amount of cotton to best show off any design. Much easier to iron and yet it still has a luxurious, silky feel.
200TC – Surprisingly our cheapest 100% cotton bed linen range and the lowest TC that we do is actually the highest you will find in most UK department stores. You get less cotton but still plenty of luxury. Soft, cosy and easy to iron.

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