New products at Soak and Sleep

New product at Soak and Sleep

Moulded Memory Foam Pillow - Standard Size - Medium / Firm Support

Moulded Memory Foam Pillow – Standard Size – Medium / Firm Support £11.40
Bespoke comfort from your pillow – luxury MemoryFoam.

If you demand a firm, supportive pillow, you need Memory Foam. High-density and low-maintenance, this long-lasting pillow is just what you need to recover from the day’s aches and strains.

Why we love it
Memory foam provides a body-perfect fit. Weve got medium, medium firm and a contour pillow.

How does it make you feel?
Our medium-firm Memory Foam Pillow has a density of 50kg/m3; if you want a firm, comfortable, supportive pillow, this is the one. The Medium pillow is a little softer at 45kg/m3, and slightly shallower, providing all the benefits with less depth – this one’s ideal if you sleep on your back.

Why choose the memory foam pillow?
Memory Foam is an innovative material used in pillows and toppers. It has an Open Cell construction, which means that the material softens when it’s heated (in contact with your neck and head). This means that it supports your shape without applying any pressure. It was originally designed by NASA to reduce the cabin pressure at take-off!

Memory Foam moulds to the shape of your head, creating a sleeping environment that’s tailored for you. It reduces the resistance on key pressure points and helps to alleviate shoulder and neck aches. Our Memory Foam pillows are produced with a high density, great quality memory foam – and cased in cotton for a comfortable finish. The covers are removable for washing.

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