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Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Duvet - Superking Size - 9.0 Tog

Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Duvet – Superking Size – 9.0 Tog £192.00
15 years of slumber-soft luxury? Yes, please

If you’ve ever slept in a fancy hotel, you might know what real Goose Down feels like. But you don’t have to visit a hotel to try it out. Instead of one night of bliss, order our Luxury Hungarian Goose Down Duvet and enjoy hundreds…

Why we love it
10% feather gives this duvet a heavier, snugglier feel than the Ultimate.
90% Down, 300TC casing

How does it make you feel?
If you like to feel a duvet tucked over you, the Luxury might be perfect. Because it contains 10% feather, the Luxury Hungarian is slightly heavier and snugger than our Ultimate Hungarian – though still not exactly heavy. It’s brilliant at maintaining body temperature, so if you’re not a chilly sleeper then the mid-weight duvet might work for you all year round.

Feather & down duvets: our rules
There are some things that we just won’t compromise on – not now, not ever. Attention to detail is our trademark. The feather & down is hygienically treated before being covered in a 100% cotton case, then box stitched, which ensures that the filling remains evenly spread. These naturally breathable duvets are certified by Zeromite (the dust mite experts!). Finally every duvet is double-stitched and piped around the outer edges.

You can buy with absolute peace of mind – covered by our generous and friendly 365 day returns policy. Find a similar* duvet for less, and we’ll even refund you the difference! *T&Cs apply, of course. See our Price Promise.

Why choose the luxury Hungarian duvet?
Hungarian Goose Down is widely sought for its light, heat-retentive properties. Those geese really know how to stay warm. Their fine clustered down is insulative but not bulky – making the most fabulous duvets that you can imagine. Get your hands on a Luxury Hungarian duvet, and try out this world-famous quality for yourself.

The Luxury Hungarian duvet is generously filled with 90% white Goose down and 10% small white Goose feather. Feather is naturally heavier and bulkier than down, but that’s not a bad thing – we like the way it adds substance to this duvet.

Unpack it, and start enjoying it – our Luxury Hungarian duvet is guaranteed for a whopping 15 YEARS!

A note about choosing TOG weight…
The TOG indicates how much body heat will be retained by the duvet, depending how cosy you want to be. 4.5 TOG is a lighter duvet for summer, 9 TOG is a midweight option and 13.5 TOG is perfect for winter nights. The All Seasons set comprises a 4.5 TOG and 9 TOG duvet that can be snapped together to create a 13.5TOG.

Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Std Size Med/Firm Support

Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Std Size Med/Firm Support £42.00
Pure Hungarian Goose Down – with two firmness options.

You spend a third of your life with your head on a pillow – so do it in style. The Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down pillow offers an experience of real luxury…

Why we love it
Hungarian goose down has great bounce-back, making this our softest pillow.
(Also available as a firmer chamber pillow.)
100% Down, 300TC casing

How does it make you feel?
The Ultimate Hungarian (soft option) is our softest pillow, perfect if you sleep on your back or front and your head doesn’t need much elevation. This luxury pillow is undoubtedly a treat, but it’s easily justified – you’re going to get years of pillowy pleasure from this baby!

Feather & down pillows: our rules
We’ve worked extremely hard to ensure that our Feather & Down pillows are all at the top of their game. What’s the basic standard? First, the feather & down is hygienically treated, rendering it hypoallergenic, before being covered in a 100% downproof cotton case and elegantly finished with self-piping. Double-stitching ensures that filling is evenly distributed.

You can buy with absolute peace of mind – covered by our generous and friendly 365 day returns policy and a one year guarantee . Find a similar* duvet for less, and we’ll even refund you the difference! *T&Cs apply, of course. See our Price Promise.

Why choose the Ultimate Hungarian pillow?
We wanted to make a really fantastic pillow – the sort that gains a cult following. We designed the Ultimate Hungarian without compromise and, from the floaty-light goose down to the silver piping, it’s a pillow that gets people talking.

What makes it special? It’s all in the filling: 100% genuine Hungarian Goose Down – renowned for its gorgeously soft, bounce-back quality. This luscious filling is packed in as tightly as possible, then covered with luxurious cotton jacquard, and edged with silver piping. Because it’s so fine and light, the Goose Down won’t clump, and the pillow will stay puffy for ages!

As for firmness, you’ve got two options so that you can tailor your pillow perfectly. The Medium-Firm is a slightly firmer pillow with two chambers: a central chamber packed with feathers, surrounded by a layer of down. It’s the ultimate combination of inner strength and cloudy-light comfort.

Luxury Bath Mat - Ivory

Luxury Bath Mat – Ivory £4.20
Luxury towels that stay plump for ages.

We’re bringing squishy back! Our Luxury towels are longstanding favourites at DAPW. It seems you just can’t get enough of these thick, luscious towels.

Why we love it
Check the weight on your current towels! Our Luxuries weigh in at a fabulous 600gsm.

How does it make you feel?
With 120 fine, silky fibres in every cotton loop, our Luxury towels are outstandingly thick and plush. They absorb water up to 250% faster than your average high-street towel.

Towels: our rules
100% cotton, 100% luxury. Every single towel across our range will wipe the floor with those flimsy high-street versions. We manufacture and exclusively sell our own bathroom linens, so you can be assured of top quality. Our 365 day guarantee gives you utmost peace of mind.

Why choose luxury 600gsm towels?
A thick, fluffy towel is one of life’s greatest luxuries. But, after the shop-freshness fades, how many towels stay thick and fluffy for years? Put away all those pilling, thinning, fading towels and replace them with a big, inviting pile of Luxury 600gsm towels. You’ll never regret it!

Our testers have commented that these towels stay thick and light even after washing – with no pilling and no lint in the basket. Hold up a Luxury 600gsm towel alongside another towel of the same weight, and you’ll see it’s up to 133% thicker in volume.

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