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Pure Cotton Moss Stitch Cushion - Charcoal Grey

Pure Cotton Moss Stitch Cushion – Charcoal Grey £9.90
A chic, criss-cross knitted look for our cotton yarn cushions.

Make a big pile and put a cuppa in reaching distance

Why we love it
Thick, cotton yarn gives these the look of crosshatched knitted wool.

How does it feel?
The thick texture makes these Moss Stitch Knit cushions particularly inviting – short of knitting your own, you won’t find another such cuddly cushion anywhere!

Why choose the moss stitch cushion?
This is how we like our cushions – big, bold and cushy. The knitted top is wonderfully tactile and inviting. Buy one, buy a heap – you’ll love this generous, plump cushion.

Our Moss Stitch cushion is made from cotton yarn for a finish that’s durable as well as soft. Made to suit the demands of modern life, it’s also washable – squeeze it into the machine whenever it needs freshening up. If you’re anything like us, it will be well appreciated.

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