New products at Archers Sleepcentre

New item at Archers Sleepcentre

Silentnight Arran Geltex Pocket 1400 Super King Size Mattress With Lun

Silentnight Arran Geltex Pocket 1400 Super King Size Mattress With Lun £1584.99
Designed to provide unparalleled breathability, the Arran Geltex Pocket 1400 consists of an innovative mix of extremely elastic gel and air-porous foam.
A fusion of gel molecules, foam crystals and air cells make Geltex flexible and adaptable, whilst its elasticity ensures immediate spring back for optimum support.
By distributing body weight evenly, Geltex prevents pressure points from building on your body and reduces circulatory problems and discomfort on aching joints.
At the core of the mattress is a medium support interior, made up of totally independent pocket springs, with each one housed in its own flexible cloth sleeve.
This flexibility allows each spring to move freely and are not affected by varying weights and body shapes, resulting in piston-like support to each part of the body.
To ensure the integrity of the springs and allow you the full use of the mattress width, a flat rod-edge wire is fitted to the perimeter springs for additional strength.
The Lunar divan allows you to create a base to suit your needs and decor, with a choice of colours, base type, storage and feet. Simply select from the drop-down tabs above.
Please note: Headboard is not included
Technical specifications


Hand tufted finish

Secures the upholstery on each side, ensuring the fillings stay in place and helps to increase the life of the mattress.

Knitted stretch fabric cover

Soft to touch and gives the mattress a luxurious feel.

Innovative 60mm Geltex layer

A unique open cell structure that provides unparalleled breathability to allow air to pass through easily and prevent overheating.

Hypo-allergenic fillings

Fillings are anti-microbial and inhibit bacteria, fungi and house dust mites. Particularly beneficial for people who suffer from respiratory problems.

1400 pocket springs

Pocket springs are individual independent springs that offer the most sensitive and supportive spring system currently available today.

Edge to edge support

Edge to edge support prevents collapse of the border. You can sleep comfortably right up to the mattress edge.

Medium support

Fully supportive but with extra comfort. Ideal for people who prefer a slightly softer mattress.

5 year warranty

Great peace of mind backed by the UK’s biggest bed manufacturer.

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