New products at Archers Sleepcentre

New product at Archers Sleepcentre

Silentnight 4ft Harris Natural Pocket 1400 Miracoil Small Double Mattr

Silentnight 4ft Harris Natural Pocket 1400 Miracoil Small Double Mattr £684.99
Upholstered in a soft woven damask cover, the Silentnight Harris is made up of their patented Mirapocket springs and sumptuous layers of natural fillings.
Its deep fillings include natural silk and lamb’s wool and are held in place by a micro quilted finish that attaches the outer cover to the surface layers.
The silk used is soft in texture, light in weight and creates the ultimate top layer that’s generally found in high end mattresses to add a luxurious feel.
Wool is a soft, yet supportive and breathable filling that retains its warmth in the winter months and displays its cool characteristics in the summer time.
The foundation of the mattress consists of a firm and supportive sleep system made up of totally independent pocket springs housed within their own flexible cloth sleeve.
Each pocket spring can move freely, so the load on one is not affected by any neighbouring springs. This results in a system that provides piston-like support to each part of the body.
To firm up the border and allow you the full use the mattress width, a flat rod-edge frame is attached to the perimeter, adding strength to the finished spring unit.
Technical specifications


Micro quilted damask cover

Traditional hard wearing cover in a timeless woven design with a quilted stitched design

Natural fillings

Natural fillings such as silk and lamb’s wool help to regulate body temperatures by drawing moisture away from the body


Beneficial for those with respiratory problems, as its filling are are anti-microbial and inhibit bacteria, fungi and house dust mites

1400 pocket springs

Traditionally designed and totally independent of any surrounding springs, they offer the most sensitive support available today

Edge to edge support

Additional support strengthens the border, allowing you to sleep up to the edge without the sensation of rolling off

Firm support

This support suits all but the heaviest or lightest of people, with the majority of our customers preferring firm

5 year warranty

Great peace of mind backed by the UK’s biggest bed manufacturers

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