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Highgrove Cashmere Pocket 2000 Super King Size Mattress

Highgrove Cashmere Pocket 2000 Super King Size Mattress £934.99
The cashmere 2000 from Highgrove Beds is a substantial 6ft mattress that consists of an impressive pocket spring interior, topped off with generous layers of natural fillings.
Upholstered in a woven damask cover, it features a traditional hand tufted finish with woollen tufts that ensure the filling stay in place for a comfortable sleeping surface.
Nature provides us with excellent breathable fillings, such as wool, cotton, silk and cashmere that keep you cool at night by regulating body temperatures whilst you sleep.
Sandwiched between the fillings is a premium interior made up of totally independent pocket springs, designed to offer piston-like support to each part of the sleepers body.
Each of the springs are housed in their own cloth sleeve and are not affected by varying weights and body shapes. This allows the springs to contour perfectly to your body shape.
To further strengthen the finished unit, an edge guard support system surrounds the perimeter rows of springs. This ensures the structural integrity of the interior and allows you the full width of the mattress.
Technical Specifications


Hand tufted

Ensures fillings stay in place and increases the life of the mattress. Especially important for extra deep mattresses

Damask cover

Traditional hard wearing and durable cover in a timeless woven design

Layers of natural fillings

Natural fillings such as lambswool, cotton, silk and cashmere help regulate body temperatures by drawing moisture away from the body

2000 pocket springs

Pocket springs are totally independent and provide the most sensitive and supportive spring system currently available today

Extra firm support

For people who like to sleep on a very firm surface. Supportive but still comfortable

Edge gaurd support system

A high density foam encapsulated border adds extra support around the perimeter allowing you the full use of the mattress

10 year warranty against manufacturers defects

Gives you peace of mind that you have purchased from a supplier who has complete confidence in their product

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