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Sealy 4ft Jubilee Ortho Memory Small Double Mattress

Sealy 4ft Jubilee Ortho Memory Small Double Mattress £351.79
The Jubilee Ortho small double mattress from Sealy features body-moulding memory foam and an extra firm orthopaedic support.
For additional strength and durability the mattress has a hand tufted finish where nylon tapes are passed through it at regular intervals.
They are secured on each side with a cotton tuft that pre-tensions the mattress to provide a firmer sleeping surface and ensures the fillings stay in place.
The mattress incorporates Sealy Smart Fibres with Tencel, a beautifully soft fabric that is eco-friendly and keeps you cool and dry. It also includes Purotex for the elimination of house dust mites.
The 20mm memory foam layer is temperature sensitive, designed to soften when it comes into contact with warm surfaces and moulds itself to your body shape.
This reduces the pressure points on your body, creating better blood circulation and resulting in less tossing and turning by evenly distributing your body weight.
Designed in conjunction with orthopaedic surgeons, the zero deflection spring system helps eliminate uncomfortable pressure points by distributing weight away from the heaviest parts of our bodies.
By using an ‘offset’ spring design with its unique independent hinge action, Sealy have created a mattress spring unit that literally profiles the sleepers body shape.
An additional feature, ‘Edge guard’, is a high density extra thick foam edge that prevents collapse of the mattress edge.
Edge guard allows you to sleep comfortably right up to the mattress edge without the sensation of rolling off.
The Jubilee Ortho mattress from Sealy is extremely supportive and thanks to its memory foam layer, it’s also very comfortable.
Technical specifications


Hand tufted

Ensures a comfortable and flat sleeping surface

Tencel incorporated

Woven into the mattress cover Tencel improves heat flow and moisture dissipation helping create the perfect sleeping microclimate. Also inhibits bacterial growth

20mm of memory foam

Body moulding and pressure relieving material that reduces tossing and turning and promotes good blood circulation

Zero deflection spring system

Absorbs both weight and body movement with no buckling or bulging. Designed in conjunction with leading orthopaedic surgeons offering extra support for back pain sufferers

Edge guard

A high density extra thick foam edge that prevents collapse of the mattress edge. You can sleep comfortably right up to the mattress edge

Heavy gauge rod-edge

A thick perimeter wire that reinforces the mattress edge and helps prevent collapse of the mattress at edges that are regularly sat on

Twice tempered springs

Tempering is a heat treatment that fixes the shape of the metal spring. Twice tempered springs maintain their shape up to 50% longer than once tempered and greatly increasing the life of a mattress

Extra firm support

For people who like to sleep on a very firm surface. Supportive but still comfortable

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