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Shire 2ft 6 Victoria Weave Small Single Reinforced Divan Base

Shire 2ft 6 Victoria Weave Small Single Reinforced Divan Base £153.79
Small in size, but big in strength, the Shire 2ft 6 Victoria divan base is reinforced to withstand additional wear and tear, whilst its weave fabric gives it a stylish look.
A standard divan base has a platform top style that consist of a timber frame with wooden supports running across its width and a top board attached to the strapping.
A reinforced divan base features additional wooden straps across the framework and a double thick top board for extra strength and durability.
Most bases are covered in the chosen fabric around the perimeter with a non-slip cover on the top lid and attached by a tape edge around the border. The Victoria also has a non-slip top lid, but features a tidier looking border as the fabric wraps over the top of the base to create a cleaner tailored edge.
The base has a choice of 12 attractive colours and a choice of non-storage or 2 storage drawers. The frame has headboard fixings on both sides under the fabric. All you have to do is pierce the fabric at the end you wish to fit a headboard and screw in the bolts that come supplied.
Should you require a complete set, you can browse our extensive range of 2ft 6 mattresses and our selection of complementing headboards.
Designed to provide a solid foundation for a small single mattress, the Victoria reinforced base from Shire Beds is built to last.

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