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Dormeo Octaspring 8000 Memory King Mattress

Dormeo Octaspring 8000 Memory King Mattress £1449.99
Octasprings are the latest in mattress technology and an alternative to conventional metal pocket springs. They feature a unique 3 dimensional structure that’s made up of memory foam spring layers.
Supplied in the UK by Dormeo, it boasts a bespoke Italian designer fabric that gives the mattress a luxurious and soft to touch feel, whilst its zipped underside allows the cover to be removed for cleaning.
One of the most common reasons for sleep deprivation is overheating. This often happen when we sleep on poorly ventilated mattresses, so to cater for this the Octaspring 8000 has an airflow mesh border.
The natural movement of your body forces stale humid air out via its honeycomb structure and mesh border, before drawing fresh air it back in to provide a healthy and clean night’s sleep.
Independent tests have proved that Octaspring mattresses are 8 times more breathable than traditional memory foam mattresses with a constant flow of fresh air passing through it.
The interior is made up of 3 deep layers of zoned support memory foam Octasprings that are temperature sensitive and designed to soften when they come into contact with warm surfaces, such as body heat.
They mould themselves to the contours of your body, relieving pressure points by evenly distributing your body weight. They also improve blood circulation and reduce tossing and turning.
Extra edge support is created by adding a foam encapsulated border around the memory foam springs. This strengthens the edge and allows you the full use of the mattress width.
Compared to many mattresses that only come with a 1 year guarantee, Dormeo provide a full 5 year guarantee with the Octaspring, backed up with a further 15 year warranty.
Thanks to its pressure relieving properties and airflow ventilation system, the Octaspring mattress from Dormeo will assure you of a supportive, comfortable, cool and fresh night’s sleep.
Technical Specifications


Luxurious designer cover

The mattress is encased in a soft to touch knitted stretch fabric cover that can be removed for washing at 30

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