Decorating the bed

There’s been a very strong home fashion trend for putting cushions and throws
on your bed
It’s known as dressing your bed and has a lot of theatrical themes involved. You’ve
making a statement about a stylish comfortable bed, although almost certainly
you’ll have to remove all the cushions before you get in to bed.
Adding a throw and cushions can bring a bit of colour to a room and is something
that anyone can do. Look for the right colour by looking at existing wallpaper
and curtains and picking a colour that will go with something already in the room
rather than randomly throwing in more colours.
You’ll find blankets and throws in almost every shop that sells bedding and beds.
if you buy cushions and throws at the same time you’ll be able to match them.
If possible bring a colour swatch from home to check.
Whether you add a single cushion, or two or a whole raft of sizes and different
colours is up to you.
Look in catalogues and style magazines for ideas.
1 cushion arrange in middle of bed between pillows
2 cushions side by side
3 if different sizes then layer them biggest at the back
4 Utterly mad! Although can be very cute!
Throws can be thrown across the bottom of the bed and folder neatly over or thrown
across a bottom corner of the bed.
Cut out pics from catalogues and magazines of cushion arrangements that you like
and it’ll give you ideas on how to arrange them.