Changing the Bed

Want a new bed? New pillows? New quilts? New bedding?
Buy a new bed online for less – and sleep better.
You spend a third of your life in bed! So why not buy the best bed you can afford?
Feng Shui puts importance on the direction your bed head points and that sleeping
with your feet to the door is bad!
In some cultures the feet of the bed will be placed in bowls of salt to ward
off evil spirits.
When you’re selling a house making the bed look really lovely has become more
important. It’s no longer enough to iron the duvet cover you need to dress the
bed with luxury cushions and throws.
Do you sleep badly? Does your bed creak and groan when you roll over? Is your
mattress saggy or poking springs into your back? If you’ve not had a new mattress
for 10 years then it’s almost certainly time to buy yourself a new bed.
You spend one third of your day in bed – so why don’t you make the most of this
time by having a comfortable bed that supports you properly and allows you to
get a good nights sleep? We function better after a good night’s sleep.
When you sleep better you feel better during the day. When you feel better you
work better. Imagine feeling fantastic every morning when you wake up! Imagine
waking up and feeling like you’ve had the best night sleep ever! That could
be you if you invest some money in a new bed.
You can have sleep problems caused by stress, illness or physical discomfort.
If your mattress is uncomfortable then how will you sleep well?
The benefits of a new bed include a better nights sleep. A new bed will be comfortable,
clean and made with more modern materials. You can buy a new style bed, a bigger
mattress, or a high quality mattress that’ll improve your sleep.
By buying a new bed you’ll achieve all these benefits instantly – one might
say overnight!
Another good reason to get a new mattress is the fact your old one will be home
to millions of dust mites and lots of old skin cells. You also lose 0.24L of
sweat every night – so your mattress absorbs some of this. Dust mites can cause
major allergies for people, and although there are things you can do to get
rid of them, the simplest and quickest way is to buy a new mattress.
If you think about the cost of a bed over its lifetime – say 10 years then the
cost per night is minimal. A £500 bed would only be about 13p a night
over 10 years – not much when you think about it. A £300 is only 8p per

What size are various beds and bedding?

twin / single 36 × 75 in
0.92 × 1.90 m
double bed 54 × 75 in
1.38 × 1.90 m
queen 60 × 78 in
1.53 × 1.98 m
king 72 × 78 in
1.84 × 1.98 m
California King 72" x 84"

Single Duvet Cover 140 x 200
Double Duvet Cover 200 x 200
King Duvet Cover 230 x 220
Super King Duvet Cover 260 x 220
Rectangular Pillowcase 50 x 75
Oxford Rectangular Pillowcase 50 x 75

Single Fitted Sheet 90 x 190
Double Fitted Sheet 140 x 190
King Fitted Sheet 150 x 200
Super King Fitted Sheet 180 x 200
Single Flat Sheet 180 x 260
Double Flat Sheet 230 x 260
King Flat Sheet 275 x 275

Single Valance 90 x 190
Double Valance 137 x 190
King Valance 152 x 200
Super King Valance 183 x 200
thread count – number of warp and weft yarns in one square-inch of a fabric
(warp yarn x weft yarn per sq. inch
The higher the number the better the cloth

A bed is supposed to support your body as you sleep. If your mattress does
not support you or supports you unevenly your muscles will not be able to relax
properly and you will wake tired and uncomfortable.
A pocket sprung mattress has the springs in separate "pockets" within
the mattress which enables them to act independently of each other. An ordinary
sprung mattress has the springs all fixed together and so there is more give
which can cause problems if your partner is a different weight to you, you may
roll together.

Changing the bed – can mean putting clean sheets on or can mean buying a brand
new bed. Treat yourself to some luxurious new bedding or a new pillow.

Do you want more storage space? A divan base can have storage drawers in making
it a useful addition to the amount of storage in the bedroom.
A raised frame bed can allow you to use storage boxes underneath the bed.