Buying a new bed FAQ

The process of buying a new bed is difficult. Here are the frequently asked questions
we’ve had
Q: How big a bed should I buy?
A: As big as you’ve got room for.
Q: How often should you buy a new bed?
A: About every 10 years or so, or sooner if your bed is damaged or causing you
Q: I can’t test a bed before I buy – can you help?
A: Look out for our recommended companies which offer you a good returns policy
if the bed doesn’t suit you.
You could also go and try out beds in a bed shop and then return to this site
to ensure you get the best deal possible.
Q: Should I buy a particular brand of bed?
A: There are some very good quality brand beds – looking for a guarantee and a
no quibble returns policy means you can buy a bed stress free online.
Q: Should I buy a new bed now?
A: If your bed is hurting you and saggng then you should probably buy a new one
Q: I have a divan base, can I just buy a new mattress?
A: You should replace both as the divan base will have also suffered wear too
and just replacing the mattress will cause uneven support and damage your new

Q: How old should my child be before I buy them a first bed?
A: When they start to climb out of the cot at night – or ideally just before!