Bedroom Feng Shui

Hints for Feng Shui in the bedroom
How to ensure a good nights sleep and bring harmony into your life.
For a small room use light airy tones to make the room feel more spacious. For
a larger room use a stronger colour to make the room feel more cosy.
Avoid mirrors facing the bed.
Don’t have the bed under a beam – if you have no choice then Paint the beams;
drape fabric over the beams; or hang bamboo flutes 2-3 inches below the beam
Don’t have the foot of the bed directly opposite the door.
Do not allow chi to flow directly from the door over the bed
Don’t put the bed head or bed foot under a window.
Don’t overcrowd the room.
Don’t have junk under the bed. Allow chi to flow round the room and under the
Avoid having sharp corners of furniture pointing at the bed – this is considered
"poison arrows"
Putting the bed between the door and window can be bad as chi flows from door
to window and may rush over the bed
Shut ensuite doors
A strong solid headboard can act as a support mountain and helps protect your
Match bedside tables if you’re a couple
Soft lighting is better than harsh overhead lights. This will help you to get
a more yin environment.
Place a pair of flowers or candles in the south corner of your room to help your
Any photos should be of you as a couple.
Open your bedroom windows at least once a day to bring in fresh chi – and air!
Avoid TVs in the bedroom. Cover them when not in use, or move them to a more social