Bed Definitions

Some bed definitions
Adjustable bed – one that can be adjusted to different positions to allow the
person in it to sit up in a supported way, or to have the feet raised
Air bed – a bed that inflates – often used for camping or a spare bed for guests
brass bed – brass bedstead
bunk – bed on board ship, often narrow.Bunk beds – bed frame that allows two
beds one above the other
cot – baby bed
camp bed – one for camping – usually folds us
four poster – has four posts and drapes around to enclose the bed
day bed – bed for use during the day
futon – japanese style bed
hammock – fabric suspended either end to provide a sleeping place
sofa bed – bed that converts from a sofa
water bed – bed with large mattress filled with water
Bolster Pillow – a long pillow originally designed to be the bottom pillow for
a double pillow filling the width of the bed.